Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Couch to 5K to Half Marathon

When is the right time to begin training for a half marathon? 

I am getting super excited about the Asheville Half marathon in March! As you know I am an ambassador! What that really means is that I am just a lucky girl, super excited about the event and that I get to share with all of you all the news and planning updates as we progress closer to the start line!!

I am a planner by nature. I need to have my week planned out as best as possible ahead of time and I have already planned out races into 2017 (and beyond for some milestone events). This helps me make sure that I have my running and training schedules planned and allows me the opportunity to work around holidays and other events that are on the calendar.

I started looking at my schedule this week to determine when exactly I will begin uping the miles in preparation for the Asheville Half. 

I am currently running 3-4 miles per day during the week with one 8 mile run on the weekend and one rest day in the week. 

As it turns out I am also getting ready to kick of my Fall Run For God Group at the end of the month and I realize that now is actually the time to begin training for the 1/2 in March!!! This is my second year facilitating Run for God in my community and I am excited to have nearly 30 people singed up!! I will be workign with this group to take them from couch to 5K. I have runners of all levels in the class. I have a few people who look forward to being able to walk an entire 5K. I have people who will run for the first time in their life and I have others who have run before or even who are running who are looking for some motivation and a little something extra! 

Last year one of my participants in the RFG Program kept training with me after the program and ran the AVL 1/2 Marathon with me in March! (In all transparency she has ran half marathons before but had not been running consistently for a little while until the RFG program.)

If you are a runner and want to embark on this journey with my Run For God Runners you can go from Couch to 1/2 Marathon with me and run with me in Asheville at the Asheville Marathon 1/2!

My RFG Runners will spend 12 weeks training with me as I get them up to running a 5K through this program! We will begin on September 12th and conclude our class with the Night of Light 5K in Morganton on December 3rd. 

In just 12 weeks my runners will be running three miles consistently. 

Following the conclusion of that program there is plenty of time to train for a 10K, 15K and half by adding one mile to the run on Saturday's, and turning Saturday's in the "long run" day. There are 14 weeks or so that follow the Night of Light Race to work up to AVL 1/2 in March!

Train with us!!!! Stay tuned for the weekly training plan and updates!

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