Monday, July 18, 2016

Top 10 Running Podcasts

I have become a podcast addict over the past year. I can't recall how I first stumbled upon podcasts... I think I was reading a blog that mentioned the Serial Podcasts. Being inquisitive I found the Podcast app on my phone and did a search for Serial. I was instantly hooked!! I downloaded the entire season and listened back to back episodes. I did all my household stuff with headphones in my ears and binge listened to season one. I subscribed to Season two as well, it was great but it became like torture to wait week after week and then weeks for a new episode.

As I waited and waited and waited for more Serial I began to search and try out other podcasts. I did a quick search for running and my world exploded with an even deeper love of the podcast.

Now I am not the girl to listen to podcasts while I run, I have found that I find them so informative and I often want to jot something down to look up later so at the moment I listen while I am getting ready in the mornings.  Podcasts have become my morning PD and I love them!! They have made such a HUGE impact in my world.

My friends are probably so over me saying "today on one of my podcast..." ha ha!

The worst days are those when I am all caught up on my regulars…

Here are my current favorites! I am 100% sure this list will ebb and flow over the next months and years as I discover new ones and as old ones transition to something else. These are in no particular order!

Serial - Come back Serial, I miss you and can't wait until the next big story! Sarah Koenig, please never leave me!

The Running Lifestyle Show  this may have been my first running podcast and I am obsessed! These girls keep it real and keep me coming back for more! I love the running and nutrition duo!

This American Life you just never know what you might learn about on this American Life. I love it!

Another Mother Runner I absolutely love! So many great running topics are covered in this podcast! It makes my morning when I have a new episode to listen to!

Happier Just go listen now!! Who doesn’t want to be just a little Happier?!

Runner Girls this show is like being on a three way call with three friends talking about all things running! So fun!

The Conscious Runner is another great running podcast, there are often some great very knowledgeable guest on the show talking all things running.

Runners Connect Run to the Top always has some great guest covering topics all things running!

Real Runners Chat is again like hanging out with friends and talking about running

I’ll have Another is a new podcast I have found that I enjoy, again like listening in on chats with friends.

If you are looking for a new podcast or looking to add a little something to your day be sure to check these out!

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