Friday, July 8, 2016

High Five for Friday July 8, 2016

This week has flown by! It was a four day week for us since Monday was the July 4th Holiday! It has also been a kind of quiet week. So many people choose this week as their summer vacation week. Tess is actually at the beach with a friend. Since we ran on Sunday she waited and went down on Tuesday! While I am glad she is having a great time I am excited for her to be home this weekend. I miss her! One of my favorite things about High Five for Friday is that is requires a positive attitude! No matter what may have gone awry in your week you have to have some highs!
Here are the highlights of my week:

1. New (to me) vehicle! I am following the Dave Ramsey Plan (as best I can) and he recommends buying cars with cash! With two teenage daughters I have needed to be able to buy three cars with cash! I was so excited when I bought Madie’s car three years ago, even though I bought an old car (I mean that is smart anyway because teenagers are new drivers) I paid for it with cash that I saved! I was excited this past weekend to purchase my third Dave Car! It’s a super cute white Jeep Cherokee and the best part is that I can finally tow my kayaks again!!

2. I am in the lead with referrals for the Asheville Marathon! As an Ambassador for the Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon I have the biggest discount there will be available for this event to offer anyone who registers by July 31st!! So far I have the most people who have used it! It is only good through July 31st so I am excited! If you would like to run with me use offer code DEANNE2017AMAROCKS when you register for the event #avlmarathon #‎ama #‎asheville #‎destinationmarathon #‎avlhalfmarathon

3. I ordered and received new Brooks!!! I am so unsure what shoes I like best but these I know serve me very well so I ordered a new pair! Even better I ordered last season’s model (brand new) and they were half the price! Win!!!

4. I got in several great runs this week including the Firecracker 5K on Sunday!

5. I announced my 2016 Run for God 5K Challenge class today and I already have 20 people signed up!!! I am so super excited!

This has been a great week! I hope your has been too! Have a wonderful weekend! #gooutside

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