Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon Special Offer

There is only one week left of the 15% off Friends and Family discount for the Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon. This is such a fun event!

Use code DEANNE2017AMAROCKS at checkout through July 31st!! 

This is good for the Asheville Marathon, Half Marathon or even the challenge and VIP packages in Asheville, North Carolina on the beautiful Biltmore Estate!!

Don't miss out on this offer! Come run with me!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

High Five for Friday July 22, 2016

Happy Friday!! It’s the weekend already! My highs for this week are:

1. The girls and I went last weekend and saw the new Ghostbusters movie. LOVED IT!! So funny!!

2. My Asheville Marathon Ambassador swag came in the mail!! #avlmarathon #avlhalfmarathon

3. I got in some great runs this week!

4. We went to the Michael Franti Concert on Thursday!!! Tess took her friends to celebrate her birthday. His music fills up my soul! (As an added bonus, he favorited my tweets that night!!!! #fangirl)


5. The icing on the cake! We celebrated my little girl’s 17th birthday! Where has the time gone??? Happy Happy Birthday Tess! I love you more than the ocean loves her waves. 

I hope you all have had a great week too and have a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Top 10 Running Podcasts

I have become a podcast addict over the past year. I can't recall how I first stumbled upon podcasts... I think I was reading a blog that mentioned the Serial Podcasts. Being inquisitive I found the Podcast app on my phone and did a search for Serial. I was instantly hooked!! I downloaded the entire season and listened back to back episodes. I did all my household stuff with headphones in my ears and binge listened to season one. I subscribed to Season two as well, it was great but it became like torture to wait week after week and then weeks for a new episode.

As I waited and waited and waited for more Serial I began to search and try out other podcasts. I did a quick search for running and my world exploded with an even deeper love of the podcast.

Now I am not the girl to listen to podcasts while I run, I have found that I find them so informative and I often want to jot something down to look up later so at the moment I listen while I am getting ready in the mornings.  Podcasts have become my morning PD and I love them!! They have made such a HUGE impact in my world.

My friends are probably so over me saying "today on one of my podcast..." ha ha!

The worst days are those when I am all caught up on my regulars…

Here are my current favorites! I am 100% sure this list will ebb and flow over the next months and years as I discover new ones and as old ones transition to something else. These are in no particular order!

Serial - Come back Serial, I miss you and can't wait until the next big story! Sarah Koenig, please never leave me!

The Running Lifestyle Show  this may have been my first running podcast and I am obsessed! These girls keep it real and keep me coming back for more! I love the running and nutrition duo!

This American Life you just never know what you might learn about on this American Life. I love it!

Another Mother Runner I absolutely love! So many great running topics are covered in this podcast! It makes my morning when I have a new episode to listen to!

Happier Just go listen now!! Who doesn’t want to be just a little Happier?!

Runner Girls this show is like being on a three way call with three friends talking about all things running! So fun!

The Conscious Runner is another great running podcast, there are often some great very knowledgeable guest on the show talking all things running.

Runners Connect Run to the Top always has some great guest covering topics all things running!

Real Runners Chat is again like hanging out with friends and talking about running

I’ll have Another is a new podcast I have found that I enjoy, again like listening in on chats with friends.

If you are looking for a new podcast or looking to add a little something to your day be sure to check these out!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


I have been around a lot of sadness lately. Heartbreaking sadness. 

We all go through our days with the list of to do's and we get through that sleep and repeat. 

Within the past month and a half a 25 year old young and full of life man that does contract work for me was in a tragic vehicle accident with his six year old in the car. My contractor died on the scene of that accident and his little boy was airlifted to a hospital an hour and a half away. That precious child died the next day after his young mother was faced with the worst decision a parent should never have to make. A very dear and beloved colleague of mine planned a hike with her family. Her husband opted to wait at the bottom for her and her daughter as he just didn't feel well. She came down from the hike to find that in that short time he had collapsed and passed away. A very dear family member of mine who is also my dads very best friend was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a week ago and has been given the prognosis of 2-4 weeks remaining in his life. I visited him this past weekend and just can't believe this is true, he was so full of life, how can it just go away? My heart is so heavy right now with grief and also with guilt. 

Every day I wake up with my list of to do's my list of "have" to's. I have to get up early to go run because I have to get in the shower by 6:30am because I have to be at work because I have a long list of things to do. I have to get all that done then I have to come home and cook dinner because my family will be hungry then I have to feed all my animals and I have to clean up the kitchen from dinner. I probably also have to do a load of laundry or I have to help with homework then I really have to get in the bed by 10 because I have to do this all over again tomorrow. 

After visiting with this very dear family member on Sunday at the Veterans Hospital, I stopped by my Nana Smith's house. Her house still belongs to my family so I was able to do this. This is the time of year that she would call me to say the blueberries are dripping off the bush and I had better come pick them right away. I grabbed a grocery bag out of my car and went to those bushes. I was alone, just me and my thoughts and her blueberry bushes. I am certain that in the light breeze that blew and kept me cool I felt her presence as well. I picked and picked until my fingers were blue and purple and my bag was full. I cried, I prayed and I just was. I could hear my Nana sharing her words of wisdom and letting me know she was glad I was there and I could hear God speaking to my heart.

I have updated my story, I am reminded of how much this one life we get is such an incredible gift. I am so blessed with this amazing family. I have everything in them I could ever want for in life. Rather than waking up with the list of have to's I am reminded to wake up with the I get to's. I am fortunate enough to have another day with the people I love and the things I do only enhance the life I have. I am blessed beyond measure and so very thankful. 

Please pray if you will for my family and extended family during this very difficult time and may we all be reminded of our good fortune to have known and loved incredible people throughout our lifetime.  

Grace, Peace and Love <3

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Outer Banks of North Carolina

In June we spent an amazing week at the Outer Banks.

The last time I was in the Outer Banks was when I was very little, maybe five years old, so I do not have any memories of being there. James has vacationed there before and Madie went in Middle School. My in-laws recently purchased a brand new, very nice camper and have been enjoying traveling all over the place and camping and have offered us to use the campers. We decided to take them up on the offer for this years beach trip. They went down to the Outer Banks the week before and stayed and then we met half way, traded cars and we went down and stayed the second week and they came on back. Madie was not planning to come, she had a lot going on with school and had a final exam middle of the week.

We stayed in Waves, just below Rhodanthe and yes we did go find the Nights in Rhodanthe House!

The campground was small, which is the way we like it. We no longer have little kids so we don’t need all the kiddie stuff that some of the other campgrounds have like water slides, swing sets, etc. This makes the campground a bit more quite since all the families with small children choose the other campgrounds. We were very close to the beach and having a trolley to tote all of our stuff back and forth made it easy to get to and from the beach pretty quickly.

We arrived on Saturday and walked on the beach as soon as we arrived!

Sunday I woke up and ran an easy but hot and humid three miles up toward Rhodathe! There were little tiny baby frogs hoping all over the sidewalk!

I spent the day lying on the beach from 10am – 2pm and soaked up the sun! The ocean seriously recharges my soul!

When I got back to the camper James and Tess where stressing because all communication to Hatteras Island had been cut! Yep, no cell towers, so no service, no internet, not cable, no nothing! I did sort feel uncomfortable not having cell service, in case Madie needed to reach me! We got ready and decided to head north to try and get service and we stopped for dinner too! It was yummy! 
By the time we got back service to the island was restored! Thank goodness!
That evening we watched a beautiful sunset over the Pamlico Sound.

Monday I woke up and ran three miles in the other direction toward Salvo. It had rained quite a bit the week before and several roads were still covered with water!

Monday we all spent the day at the beach again. We were so lucky to have beautiful days!

That evening we went ghost crabbing! There are crabs galore on this beach!! When the tide rolls in so do these little fellows! They ranged in size from the size of a nickle to the size of a softball! We saw both ghost crabs and sand crabs. 

Tuesday morning I woke up and took a three mile walk on the beach, it was beautiful. 

We took the day to explore a bit of the Outer Banks. 

We explored Pea Island’s peacefulness.

We visted Bodie Island Lighthouse.

We saw where the Wright Brothers took the first flight! 

We went to Jockey’s Ridge and saw the massive sand dunes! 

  We enjoyed a great dinner with a beautiful view at Miller's Waterfront Resturaunt in Naggs Head. 

I had signed Tess and I up for a local 5K while we were in town so we also had to pick up race packets that evening.

Wednesday morning Tess and I got up super early and drove to Nags Head for the Sunrise 5K! It was great! 

The rest of the day we enjoyed the beach (surfers galore) and had a great evening.

Thursday we spent the day again at the beach and Madie decided to come down and arrived that afternoon. 

I love to search for unusual shells. I have collected Jingle Shells or Mermaid Toenails for years and love to find them!

I also love finding Jackknife Shells. 

This year I also found Mermaid Purses. I have never found these before so I was tickled!

We went out for dinner that night, watched the sunset again over the sound and built a fire on the beach under the light of the moon!

Friday we saw the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. We climbed the stairs to the top to get a view of this gorgeous island.

We then took the ferry to Ocracoke. We originally were going to do this earlier in the week but since Madie decided to come down we decided to wait on her. It was a fine trip but I can say that we will most likely never do it again. There are no bridges. The ferry is a drive on ferry so you can take your car. If we ever go to Ocracoke it will be to stay not to visit. In order to get from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke you have to take a ferry. We had to wait one hour on the ferry, the ferry ride it’s self was about 45 minutes. 

Once we were on the island we stopped for a late lunch at the Ocracoke Oyster Company which was yummy and then we toured the island. 

The island is very small so we had seen it all in about 45 minutes. We stopped at the British Cemetery, we walked out on the beach and we saw the Ocracoke Light House. That was just about all there was aside from houses and restaurants. We then headed back to wait another 30-45 minutes for the return ferry with another 45 minute ferry ride.

Friday was a lot of sitting in the car and we quickly realized that the plan was to return home on Saturday which meant another long day in the car… James called the campground and extended our stay for an extra night!! That was a great call!!

We enjoyed the gorgeous Saturday on the beach relaxing all day and headed home on Sunday.

This was certainly one of my favorite vacations and I hope to soon one day return to the NC Outer Banks! 
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