Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Training update five months in to 2016

Whoa nelly it's already June?? It's my birthday month!!! We can begin the celebration today and celebrate all month long lol!!!

I'm feeling a little bummed about my 1,000 miles goal. I don't think I'm going to make it! But it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!! Ha!!

To get to 1,000 miles I needed to have run about 84 miles a month or nearly 20 miles a week! I have ran quite a bit already and I will certainly get closer than I ever have before so I am not giving up but I am accepting that this just might not be the year and I am ok with that! 

So far this year I have logged 335.6 miles! That's already more that my total miles in 2013 and more than my total miles in 2014 and I am getting close to what I ran in all of 2015. At this point if I make 1,000 that'd be great and if I don't it's no big deal I will still have covered more miles than ever before! Woot Woot!

In the month of May I logged 52 miles. I have this darn peroneal tendon issue that is making me crazy!!! Last week my foot was so super swollen my ballet flat (super comfortable shoe) made an imprint on my foot! Geez!! When my foot is swollen it doesn't hurt but is heavy feeling and when it's not swollen it hurts! I am taking this week off of any hard, long or fast runs and going to take it easy for a few days!

I am excited to see what June holds! June is my favorite month!

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