Tuesday, April 5, 2016

1st Quarter Training Report Out - Miles Update

Journey to 1,000 miles (in a year)

1st Quarter report out! Yikes! ¼ of the way in and a big goal to try and meet!

So far for the year I have in 62 miles in January, 65 in February and 59 miles in March. That gets me to 186 miles. My goal plan had me at 255 miles by the end of March…

Ideally I would have ran 84 in January, 91 in February and 80 in March! Eeek… I am about 69 miles behind.

I am not giving up just yet! My ankle is beginning to feel better and so I am adding in a few additional days of miles each week so I am hopeful that I will make up the mileage soon.  

I have my next big race coming up at the end of this month so I will be increasing miles this month for some good long runs! I also plan to go ahead and sign up for the next so I do not loose the momentum. 

I have a new pair of Skoras (more about that later) and I am ready to kick up some serious asphalt this second quarter!!

Just because you haven’t yet met your goal does not mean you have an excuse to quit trying! Keep pushing, keep reaching and keep trying! One day at a time one step at a time!

I am ready to tackle Q2 2016! 

Happy Running!

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