Monday, March 14, 2016

This Weekend’s VIP Electrolytes and Pro Compression Socks Review

My second half marathon is in the books! Once I have collected all of my thoughts I will be sharing all the juicy details with you! The thing that was better about this race than the last was the condition of my calves!! If you recall I experienced major leg cramps my last half!

Because I knew that was one thing I did not want repeated I paid special attention to my nutrient intake in the week leading up to the event, making sure to select foods that would provide me with the best balance of magnesium and potassium. My choice sources last week were Bananas, Orange Juice, a magnesium supplement, celery, almonds, carrots, broccoli  and coconut water. The night before the race I drank a big glass of coconut water and the morning of the race I ate a whole banana and had about 6oz of Orange Juice (along with my morning coffee) about an hour and a half before the race. 

Along with better attention to my nutrition this time I also wore compression! This made such a HUGE difference! I wore my Pro Compression Knee Socks and only really experienced one real quick cramp in my right calf the entire 13.1 miles! My calves felt pretty amazing throughout the whole race! Like I said, I had minimal cramping and no muscle soreness or fatigue! 

The socks fit true to size. I bought the size I typically wear. They are very tight fitting so they are tight going on but once they are on you know they are the right fit! My socks are the Marathon Pink. I don’t recall the washing instructions but I wear mine on every long run and throw them right in the wash with my regular loads of other clothes. They have maintained their shape and color for over a year of wearing and washing!

I love my Pro Compression Socks and will continue to wear them on each and every long run. A long run for me is any run longer than seven miles. 

Pro Compression socks are made in the USA! Check them out and give them a try! They often run promotional specials! Check out their facebook page to stay up to date!
Compression and Electrolytes are the right combination for me!

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