Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Half Marathon Training 2016 Take Two

Back from the Asheville Half at Biltmore, unable to run for a week or so due to a homogenous blister and peroneal tendonitis and only five and a half weeks from my next half! 


Ideally I will run 8 miles this weekend and add one mile each week until the race! In addition I will try to run three miles on Mondays, four miles on Tuesdays and Thursdays, walk three miles on Fridays and run three miles on Sundays. I am not at all worried about the blister but I am worried about my poor ankle! I have a bit of peroneal tendonitis that crept up at about mile twelve of my training plan leading up to the Asheville Half at Biltmore. 

What is peroneal tendonitis? Here is a video giving an overview.  

It doesn’t seem to hurt while I am running as much as it does while I am not running so I think that is good… I am going to enhance my ibuprofen, ice and elevation routine over the next five weeks and add in a few PT exercises I have found online. I know I should probably go see a physician but I just haven’t the time right now. Maybe I will go after this half if it is still bothering me. I am also going to use my KT Tape.  Here is a helpful video about KT Tape application for peroneal tendonitis.

With that said this week I am getting back to running, taking it kind of easy but at the same time working on my endurance.  I really hope to make better time at this next half so I am praying for a full recovery in the midst of this month! 

If you have any other recommendations for dealing with and preventing peroneal tendonitis please share! 

Happy Running!

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