Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What good are goals?

Well dang it! Already I am behind on meeting my goal for 2016! I have this crazy notion that I can run 1,000 miles this year. I ran 437 miles in 2015 so why not more than double that this year??

In order to accomplish this I need to average 82-84 miles per month.

This is the calander I created with my 1,000 miles planned out. How to run 1,000 miles this year:

I logged 62 miles in January, that's about 20 miles short of what I need to average per month to meet my goal. But it is 62 MILES which is pretty darn AWESOME!!!  In January 2015 I ran 28 miles and in January 2014 I ran 17 miles... So while maybe I didn't get in the 82 miles I wanted to I nearly tripled my mileage from January 2015!! We must celebrate the small successes! I am ecstatic!

I have 11 more months to pick up the 20 miles I missed. Weather put a hold on many run days this month so I am not worried! and so far 7 miles logged already in February. 

Did I set my self up for failure? Nope, I set my self up for success!! Without having set the goal in the first place I wouldn't have pushed my self to run 3x as much in a month as I ever had before! I have only had two other months where I came close in mileage and that was in the 50 miles range! Without setting the goal you can never reach it and for me without setting the goal I would most likely not even try!

My goals are set, I am not changing them. I will celebrate the small victories along the way and work to make up mileage! Whether I make it to 1,000 or not I know I will make farther than I ever have before!! 

Here's to a new month!

“Celebrate every small achievement and gain strength for grandeur things.”  - Lailah Gift Akita

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