Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Training update

So far so good! With four and a half weeks to go I am feeling pretty good about my training for the upcoming half! We held back a little this week on our long run this past weekend and instead of doing ten miles again we did 8 at the lake on rolling hills. 

Instead of resting on Sunday I hit the road with Tess and a friend for an easy three miles at the Greenway. 

I practiced Yoga on Monday and ran hills in town Tuesday morning with my half training friends. 

I have not been very disciplined about cross training and I can tell you it is crucial. This past week I simply added a little Pilates and Yoga and I can tell a huge difference. I have to work the other areas of my body or I am totally off balance and subject myself to injury. 

I began "feeling" my IT Band a few weeks ago. I say "feeling" because it was just enough of a twinge for me to notice and get nervous. I knew that I needed to strengthen my hips, been there, done this... I have only been running, running and running, When I am cross training, doing other things in addition to running, I typically do not have issues. Once Basketball season is over I plan to get back to the gym for HITT but until then I will make use of my non running days to add in a little something else. For now that will be some Pilates, Yoga and maybe the bike!

We plan to run 11 miles this weekend, probably 8 or nine the next, then the weekend of the 27th run 12, rest the following weekend and go for 13 on race day! 

I am excited!! 

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