Monday, February 1, 2016

This Weekend's VIP - Skora Phase Review and Skora Core Review - Run Real

Real as in the way my body was intended to run... I purchased my first pair of Skoras in May 2015! I found them discounted on the Clymb. A fellow blogger had been raving about her Skoras and I was curious about these shoes so I bought a pair of Skora Phase to try!

I instantly fell in love, I run so comfortably in them. I am so finicky when it comes to my shoes! I have tried and returned so many brands it's crazy! My feet are picky!

Something about my run in the Skoras was refreshing! After I ran I felt amazing! It was very different though and I noticed that these shoes were working my legs completely different than my traditional running shoes. It makes sense that my legs would hurt, the soles on the shoes, and in particular the heels are not built up at all so my foot is positioned for a run as it is when I am walking around the house barefoot. My heel was connecting with the ground rather than with the cushion between the ground and my heel. My calf muscles were elongated and stretched much more in these shoes than any other.

I kept alternating between my Skoras and my traditional Brooks. These two shoes are so different but I couldn't decide just yet which I preferred. Over time I began wearing my Skora's more and more. 

I put the Skora Core shoes on my Christmas Wish List but then told my husband "nah, don't by me shoes, my feet are so funny, I would hate for you to spend that kind of money on shoes and me not wear them". He doesn't listen very well and to my surprise I opened up a brand new pair of Skora Core's on Christmas Morning!!! I was so excited and at the same time worried. I had already begun my training for a half marathon and I didn't know if I wanted to fully convert to Skora's or not so I was afraid I wouldn't wear them that much. I even suggested he send them back, he had spent too much on me as it was this Christmas. Again he didn't listen and those beautiful shoes were mine!!! I love him so much!!!

I decided I would wear my Skora's on my shorter, 4 mile runs, and my Brooks on my long runs... That didn't happen either! I have only worn Skoras so far this year! As of yesterday I have logged 62 miles on my new Skoras and my feet, legs and whole body feel amazing!

It is a completely different run and I would suggest that in the beginning of trying a new minimalist shoes your run may be a bit slower, I recall feeling that way, but within a few months I was back to my normal pace! I am an average speed runner, for short runs I feel best at a 9:30/minute mile pace and on a long run I feel best at a 10:30-11:00/minute mile pace.

What I love about all Skora shoes is the asymmetrical layout of the laces, again my feet are so finicky and I no longer feel that tight spot on the top of my foot where the laces tie. This now lies off to the side and goes completely unnoticed on my runs! They have no tongue so I no longer have to wrestle with the tongue placement either. They have an anti-microbial insole to help fight stinky feet lol! I wear them barefoot, no socks, and they also keep my feet dry and really they do not stink! I also love how fitted (I have narrow heels), yet roomy these shoes are! I think they fit true to size, I wear a 7.5 running shoe and I get my Skora's in a 7.5. 

I love my Skora Phase because they are completely reflective so they are perfect for my early morning runs! I love the Skora Core because they are so soft, made of Goat Skin Leather! Both shoes are super light weight so I feel much lighter on my runs and I love the way I run in them. I run the way my body was designed to run, I run now the way my body wants to run. I do not feel unsupported at all, my feet feel protect, I have ran on all terrains and so far haven't encountered any issues! I ran my 15K in Atlanta in my Skora's and got in a 10 miler yesterday. These shoes are great for both short and long distances. I will most certainly be wearing these for my half in March!

I love this picture, I am wearing my Skora Phase for the Night of Light 5K and the flash light up my shoes like the 4th of July lol:

While the Core's are not 100% reflective they still pack a punch! Both shoes serve me well for my late night and early morning runs! You can't miss me!

Now on my next wish list: Every other Skora shoe on the market! <3

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