Monday, February 22, 2016

This Weekends VIP - R3 Roll Recovery Review

I have found my new favorite thing! I am a huge proponent of roll recovery, until now I have used a golf ball for rolling my feet which has for the most part met my needs. Mainly it helps with my plantar fascia to ward off Planter Fasciitis. 

When I received my R3 in the mail I could not wait to try it out! 

The R3 looks a bit like a chess piece and is small enough to pack for your race weekend but big enough to serve many different foot sizes. 

This recovery tool is perfect for the plantar fascia but it also has the perfect high points to allow for an amazing massage of the outer and inner edges of your foot as well. It is the perfect companion for hard working tired feet! 

I also have issues with trigger points in my upper back/neck area and typically I will do tennis ball self massage, I will wedge a tennis ball between my back and the wall. I gave the R3 a try and I will never use a tennis ball again! This has a much better range of coverage. Simply place it between you and the wall and roll up and down the wall (think wall sits) and you will release much of that tension!

The R3 is reasonably priced and well worth the investment! This is now a permanant staple in my running bag!

 Roll Recovery is a company found by a runner in response to the need of a better recovery tool. Check them out online or on facebook

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