Monday, February 29, 2016

This Weekend's VIP - MoJo MoJo Elite Recovery & Performance Compression Socks Review

I am a huge proponent for compression socks. I wear them on ever long run, every run that is going to be 7 Miles or more.

I have experienced issues with my lower legs since I began running longer distances. Two of my biggest issues are swelling and cramping. I began adding the support of compression socks since February 2014 on an off. I did not wear them last April for my Half-Marathon and I will never do that again! I fatigued so bad toward the end of that run and I feel certain that compression socks would have made all the difference. In addition to compression socks I have been monitoring my electrolyte intake and ensuring proper nutrition before, during and after my long runs but I am 100% certain that compression sleeves or socks improve my performance. 

Compression socks are designed to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue, combat deep vein thrombosis and the formation of blood clots by increasing the circulation and blood flow. 

I picked up a pair of MoJo Elite Recovery & Performance Compression Socks recently. As I have begun running more often I have found I need more socks! I found mine through Amazon fairly inexpensive. 

MoJo Elite Recovery & Performance Compression Socks - Pink Small

When I got them out of the box my initial reaction was, oh no… They are super cute, I got light pink size small, but they did not appear that they were going to be tight. The calf section looked wide to me in the packaging. I elected not to let my first impression get the best of me and give them a try anyway. I was a little nervous to wear them on a long run because what if they didn’t fit right… I put them on for a 7 miler and knew instantly that my perception was all wrong. The socks fit perfectly; my legs were “snug as a bug in a rug”!

I took them out for a test run and fell in love!! In addition to my lower leg issues I have also recently experienced some ankle discomfort. These compression socks supported me in all the right places!
As a busy full time working mother runner I failed to read any washing instructions and threw them in the wash run after run. Apparently the recommendation is to hand wash them and hang them to dry. Honestly, I have no time for that. Turns out they have washed and dried just fine for me so no sweat! I do wash my running gear in cold water on a more gentle cycle and dry the gear on light heat. I have noticed any issues at all with this method!

I have since worn my MoJo Elite Recovery & Performance Compression Socks on many more runs, even just yesterday on my 12 miler, and they are the perfect addition to my running gear! I will be buying more! Check them out! 

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