Monday, February 8, 2016

This Weekend's VIP - Knuckle Lights Review

As most everyone knows, my favorite time of day to run is early, early morning. I'm sort of competitive and so I like to beat the sun to the rise lol! Early mornings actually are just about the only time I can get my run in. I work 8am-5pm and then am usually busy with ballgames or other activities after work. If I waited to run until later in the day I would probably never run. 

Running in the morning also gives me a boost of energy that I can really use throughout the day! I have come to count on it and I notice when I don't run. 

Another reason I love early mornings is the darkness. Don't get me wrong, on the weekends I enjoy sleeping a tad bit later and running after the sun is up and enjoying a beautiful morning but through the week I really enjoy my dark, quiet, early morning runs. 

The only problem with an early morning run is that it is typically quite a bit darker out which makes it a bit hard to see. Some locations I run are well lit, others not so much...

I love my Knuckle Lights!! Knuckle lights are designed to be worn on your hands and are adjustable. The produce different levels of light to meet your needs and have saved me time and time again from tripping and falling on uneven pavement, sidewalks, etc. The on and off is easily controlled while I am running by a click of the switch located on the top and controlled by your thumb! 

I recently also took them along with me on a night race and while again most of the course was well illuminated there was an entire half mile or so that was not lit at all. I simply switched on my Knuckle Lights and had no issues with visibility. I noticed other runners turning to look to see what I had as I breezed by. Knuckle Lights put off so much light that I not only lit my own path but I light up the path for all the runners around me! It was great!

I absolutely love my Knuckle Lights and don't leave home without them when I am running after dusk or before dawn!

It puts off a great amount of light! I am never in the dark with these!

I would say that I have small hands and the fit me nicely, the straps are fully adjustable. I often find things too big on my hands, gloves don't fit well, etc, but these fit great!


I highly recommend Knuckle Lights especially for those of you who like me enjoy running early morning or at night! (These will be great for camping this spring and summer too!)

Happy Running!

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