Monday, February 15, 2016

This Weekend's VIP - BK Sport Bluetooth Headphone Review

OMG I am in love. Ok so I am not that hard to please. I love things. My friends and family might call me a borderline hoarder but that is only because in my opinion I have a profound appreciation for things and so I tend to hold on to things, because I appreciate them and I am not wasteful and I find value in all things... Anyway (I really am not a hoarder but I do love stuff) I have discovered a new love BK SPORT Bluetooth Headphones.

Ok so I have to remind you that I am a finicky runner. I have to have my laces tied just right, I can't have my keys jingle jangling around when I run, I don't exactly like zippers if they flap up and down... You get the picture. I really love my Yurbuds but I have been thinking about how nice it would to eliminate that cord that goes from my face to my arm while I'm running. Yeah I have worked out the quasi sophisticated system of tucking the long section of cord down my shirt to keep it from flailing around while I'm running but then sometimes I get it so tightly tucked that my head has to remain in such a position so as to not pull the cord out of my shirt. So I thought about giving the wireless thing a try. 

Not wanting to spend a lot of money, because what if I hate it, I found these BK Sport headphones on Amazon for under $20 so I added them to my Christmas Wish List. My amazing hubby bought them for me and I finally tried them out at the Hot Chocolate 10K and have fallen in love!

I can not attest yet to how long they will last, I will try to give an update after my half, but they made it through one hour and forty minutes at the 10K no problem. They advertise that for listening to music they should last 4.5 hours so if you run a marathon for example in longer time than that just pick up a back up pair and carry them with you!

 As far as the range for bluetooth goes (not that it will matter when you are running, you are always with your phone right) I'd say the range is great! I'm slightly obsessed with Podcasts and so I listen as I am cleaning house and I typically lay the phone down and can work all around one or two rooms and not loose signal!

They paired very easy and right away with my phone. 

They come with three sets of ear tips and one set of ear bud locks. I felt a little bit like Goldilocks trying them all on for size, too big, too small, just right! For me the middle size plus the ear bud locks fit perfectly and they stay right in place!

So far I love them! I enjoy listening to music through them while I run, I listen to my podcasts while I am cleaning house and I use them to chit chat on the phone on my commute to and from work each day! 

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