Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Running and a red face

One of my lease favorite parts of running is the fact that after a long run or a short high intensity run my face is beet red and stays that way for about an hour or two. It is like a severe case of flushing or blushing.

Understandably I am working hard and creating body heat. I am not a heavy sweater. Sweating helps your body cool down naturally. Most likely my face stays red because without sweating a lot I am not cooling my self down as well. I hydrate well on my runs but just don't quite cool down until an hour or so after my run. 

I do hate it! There is no swinging to the grocery store after a run for me!


From what I have read there is no cure or fix. Certainly if you experience this similar redness along with any other symptoms you should see a medical professional but simple redness is not all that serious of a condition. 

One product I know helps but just isn't that convenient most of the time is the Mission Cooling Towel. When wet this towel creates a great cooling effect. It just isn't always convenient for me to carry around a wet towel.

I do want to try out a few other products to see if they help at all. As I try out things I will post updates!

Do you get this red after a run? What products do you use or what tips can you share?

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