Monday, January 4, 2016

Running or Race Day Superstitions

Are you Superstitious?

I have never really considered myself superstitious although I absolutely am lol! I say things like "knock on wood", I always try to exit the same door I entered, I toss salt across my shoulder if I spill it (although I actually toss just a bit over each shoulder because I can never remember which shoulder it actually is), etc. 

For the New Year I make dinner of Pork, Black Eyed Peas and Cabbage for good fortune in the new year. Again I never can remember which day New Years Eve or New Years Day you are supposed to consume these things so I prepare it for both! As I am writing this post I googled it... One source says New Years Eve and another says New Years Day... That settles that! It is actually both, just like I have done all along!! Ha!

What about race day superstitions? Do you have them? I really hadn't given this much thought until something kind of peculiar happened to me...

Some people I have heard will eat the same meal before each race, listening to specific music, wearing those special socks, wearing socks that don't match, left shoe on first, maybe right shoe on first, certain color running shirt, so on and so forth. 

THE number one running superstition though is that a runner should never wear the race shirt before running the race.

Well there ya go! So I have shared with you that I found my self in a slump following my April half marathon. I had a touch of the post race blues. Before I really noticed it, almost immediately after coming back from the half in April, I registered for the next half! I sure as heck did! I was so excited that I had just finished a half and it was my favorite race of all time ever that I needed another one! I registered for the ROCK ‘N‘ ROLL Half Marathon in VIRGINIA BEACH!! The race was in September and I knew this would give me plenty of time to fully recover from the Diva's Half and begin training again. When I registered there was a little note that said register early for an extra goodies or something like that. I assumed it would be a little extra something put in my goody bag that I would pick up at the Expo before the race. Boy was I wrong! A few weeks later I had a package in the mail box that I was not expecting...

Yep! A very nice Brooks Running Jacket from the Rock 'n' Roll Half and as you see here I am jinxing myself... Ugggg.... Proudly wearing it and boasting on Instagram about the super cool jacket I got in the mail and how excited I was for the half.

I failed to train and failed to complete the race!!

Now I am a believer!! Don't do it people, step away from the race shirt or jacket in my case!! Put down the swag until after you have ran the race!! There is something to those superstitions! Go figure.

Happy Running!

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