Friday, January 8, 2016

High Five for Friday

Another week is done and we are now on our way into 2016 full speed ahead! Some highlights from the week:

1. 18 miles completed this week!! I am so happy to be really running again!

2. I had a beautiful 8 mile run this weekend at the lake near our house. It was ccccold but beautiful!

3. My trail race blog post was featured on WNC Outside!! This kind of stuff always makes me happy!! 

4. I have learned to love layers!! In the past I hated it and felt weighted down so more often than not if it were cold enough for layers I would just skip my run. Not anymore! I am currently running in two pair of pants, four or five tops/jackets, two pair of gloves, etc.! It has been so cold!

5. I can not get enough of my new Skoras! I wish I could wear them every day, even to work with my dress pants... LOVE LOVE LOVE!

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