Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trail Running in the South Mountains of North Carolina, South of the Mountain Trail Run Recap

Once I found myself back in the saddle so to speak and running again I needed to sign up for something. It was now fall and the last race I had signed up for I missed, on purpose. It was the Rock N' Roll Half in Virgina Beach. I was one of those DNS (did not start). That has never happened to me before. I had been very excited to run another half but as I shared earlier I was in the depths of the post race blues and was not logging the miles I needed to for another half. 

Pulling gradually out of the slump I was in I signed up for a trail run 5K in the South Mountains. These are the very same mountains that my grandmother grew up in so I was very excited. I decided not to run this race to win but rather to run this race for the joy of running. Looking forward to this race along with the Run for God program I was facilitating really helped me find that joy again!

It had been a bit rainy but the day was clear and the South of the Mountain Trail Run was fun! Since I had never done a trail run before my youngest daughter and I decided to take a day trip and run the route so I would know what to expect. The course was simply beautiful! There were some hills and roots so the race was challenging but it was awesome being out there in the woods running! I felt so connected to nature and the fresh air was invigorating! The race was well organized and they had great post race food and a fun awards event that followed! I will most certainly run this race again!

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