Monday, December 28, 2015

Back on the run!

I have found my pace again! 

It's been a very busy year and after completing my very first half marathon in April I found myself in a slump. For a while I wasn't sure what was going on. I completed that race and felt an all time high! I crossed the finish line with every intention on doing more and more half marathons. I loved it, it was better than any 5K I had ever completed and better (yes harder too) than any run I had run. 

The problem was though that once I was back home I struggled severely to get outside and run again. I did everything right, I made a plan, laid out my clothes, went to bed early and set my alarm. I even got up and sometimes got dressed but found myself back in bed simply not feeling it. In May, I managed to get in 24 miles total and in June only 9... It was bad. I had even registered for another half for September thinking that would make me get out there but I didn't. I ended up not going to that half and was beginning to become very upset with myself. 

I blamed my lack of running and interest in running on all the other things going on in my life. My oldest daughter graduated from High School in June so there was a lot of activity going on in May and June related to graduation. We traveled to Germany in June for her Senior Trip and in July we went to the beach and then we were busy getting her ready for college. Then in August we moved her two hours away from home to her University. Yes it was busy but my life is always busy and I know I could have found 30 minutes to get in some miles each day.

I had the "Postrace Blues"! Yes it is a thing and once I realized this was what was going on I began to realize there was a way out of this and I knew this would pass. God saw it fit to pull me out...

In August I received an email from a friend of mine who also happened to go to my church. My church which, by the way, I had also been too busy for during this same period of time. I mean I was busy... She asked me if I would consider leading this years Run for God Program. Our church has offered this as a 12 week Bible Study class for the past few years. Another dear friend had facilitated the program in years past but now she and her husband where in the midst of a move across the state and she was no longer able to lead the class. Thinking how in the world I am even qualified to lead such a study had me take a long long pause to really think about this.

After quite a bit of thought and one really quick prayer I came across this phrase which prompted me to say yes.

It was the best thing that could have happened for me at the time. I was back on the run. My trials in running along with this program I hoped blessed the group as much as they blessed me. The 12 week program is now completed. This program is a couch to 5K program with Bible Study and Lessons intertwined. I ran with my group two days a week and found myself out running on my other typical days as well. We worked our way to the Night of Light 5K Race in December! It has been the one thing that helped me and healed me. I feel now that I am fully recovered from my post race blues! In the midst of this program I also completed my first trail run 5K and have signed up and am training for my next half!

I would encorage anyone experiencing this post race slump or the post race blues to not throw in the towel. Keep the faith and find your re-set what ever it may be!

Happy Running Friends!

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