Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Running in winter, I mean spring... In the morning, I mean the afternoon...

Ok so no shocker here.... I have learned yet another lesson!

For my Sunday long run this past weekend I was planning to run in the morning. I wanted to sleep in until about 7:30 am then have a cup a coffee and hit the greenway! We ended up getting up around 8, having a cup of coffee and then we decided instead to head out first on the four wheeler for a bit. We were out until around 11:30. We got in and I changed to go out for my run but I realized I hadn't yet eaten anything... I knew if I ate then my stomach would be upset on my run and I knew if I didn't eat my stomach might get upset on my run.... I decided to eat some Gatorade Prime Energy Chews. I also took a pack of chews along to fuel my self on my run. I finally started out on my run around 12:45 pm. I have found it's best for me to pop some chews on my run at 45 minutes in. I realized half way in to my run (four miles away from my car) that I left those chews in my car!!!!! Mistake number 1: I did not properly fuel or hydrate for my run!

Since I was up at 8 I was dressed for the then 35-40 degree weather. By the time I made it to the greenway it was 68 degrees!!! Mistake number 2: I did not properly dress!

My lessons learned:

First of all I will make sure to check the weather immediately before I head out! I was entirely too hot! This time of the year in North Carolina the weather is so unpredictable. It's gone from the freezing cold of winter to the perfect conditions of spring in no time and I am certain it will be freezing again soon!

I do think I made the right choice in choosing the Gatorade Prime Energy Chews for my pre-run fuel rather than a big meal right before my run but I should have also had some water throughout the morning. If I would have had my morning planned out better I probably could have eaten breakfast before heading out on the four wheeler, by the time I got out on my run it was lunch time. Most importantly I will not go out on another long run with out my chews or some sort of fuel and a hydration pack!

Life is all about learning right!? I am told all the time, running on a empty stomach is like operating a vehicle on an empty tank of gas! Got it now! Understood! Next time I will be better prepared and properly fueled! 

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