Thursday, March 19, 2015

Never say never!

As I was out this past weekend on my nine mile run (Yes you heard that right!! 9 MILES!!!) I realized that I have said 'I am not one of those crazy runner girls who runs long distances" "I do not have any desire to run half marathons" "I am just a 3 mile kind of girl". Well here I am eating my words!

I still can not believe I have made it to 9 miles! I do think I will have to sign up for another half though to stick with it. It seems like for me I need to have something scheduled to work towards. I am certain that if this race weren't coming up I would have stayed home Sunday morning, I was simply not feeling it. (I did, by the way fuel and hydrate properly this run!)

I has been interesting to me to see my progress on these long run days since begging my training program:

At 4 miles I ran 9:43 minute miles

On my 5 mile run I ran close at 9:59 minute miles

At 6 miles I was much slower at 10:26 minute miles

It is important to note that I had not yet taken any fuel with me on my runs at this point. I realized at the 6 mile run that I better develop a plan and carried some chews with me for my 7 miler.

At 7 miles I was back up at 9:54 minute miles

At 8 miles (I forgot my chews) I ran 10:23 minute miles

On my run this past weekend I ran 9 miles and ran 9:48 minute miles. 

If this were a science experiment I would say that my conclusion is that I need fuel at 45 minutes into my runs! I am actually amazed to see it laid out like this! I knew at 8 miles that I needed fuel but to see this be the case even back on my 6 mile run makes for a compelling case!

I am currently training with Gatorade Chews and I love them and this past week I also carried a hydration pack! More on that to come ;)

I am happy that I have stepped out of my comfort zone, that I have set this goal and that I am making it happen! One mile at a time!

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