Tuesday, March 24, 2015

In recovery, listening to my body

After my eight mile run I knew something was not right! 

My leg hurt from my hip down to my knee. I struggled  the next week and only got in two of my three recovery runs. 

I  ran nine miles the next week and had a great run but afterward I knew I was in trouble. Again the same pain down the right side of my right thigh and into the side of my knee. Still not realizing what was happening I went out the next Tuesday for my recovery run and I barely made it one mile. I knew to stop, I knew I was making my condition worse.

As it turns out I have a bit of inflammation of my IT Band. Most likely caused by adding so many miles so quickly and running on the right side of the greenway on my long runs that is a bit cambered. ITBS can be very serious if you don't allow your self to heal. Here is a great article by Runners World about ITBS.

I reluctantly elected to rest this entire past week. The last time I ran was last Tuesday! Yes I skipped my 10 mile training run for my upcoming half marathon!! I didn't want to but I knew it was best!

My half marathon is April 12th. I am feeling better. I have been stretching and taking Ibuprofen. I am up and at it this morning and heading out for an easy short run to determine what I think I can do this week. I hope I can go for 10.5 miles this coming weekend and 11.5 the next and then the next long run will be the HALF! 

Fingers crossed! Most importantly I am going to listen to my body, if I need more rest and recovery I will take it! I certainly can't run my half at all if I am injured and I want to get to my half!!

Wish me luck!

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