Thursday, March 12, 2015

I have made 100!!!

With my long run on Sunday I made it to 100 miles already for this year!! Not too shabby!!

The year started off pretty busy, last year was both a very wonderful year with our wedding and all the pre-wedding events and a very difficult year with the loss of my loved ones.  

I have realized, looking back over 2014, that as life happened last year I did not meet my goal of 508 miles in 2014 (what a weird number to set as my goal anyway...), I ran 261 miles instead. 

I have thought a lot about my personal running goals for 2015 and rather than assign a number I am just going to run. 

I am going to run to find hope.
I am going to run to find peace.
I am going to run to enjoy the moments.
I am going to run to eliminate worry.
I am going to run to remember. 

I am just going to run.

I will let the number be a surprise!!

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