Tuesday, March 10, 2015

8 Miles!!! Training week 5 complete!

I am happy to report that I ran eight miles on Sunday!! What a journey so far!

I had a tough week last week! The week of February 22nd I was following my training plan to the T and on February 28th I ran seven miles! It was the best run I think I have ever had! Then last week I experienced a major road block! I can't quite figure out yet what that road block was. Last Tuesday, following my seven mile run on Sunday, I was supposed to run three miles. I had to run evenings due to my work schedule last week, I got to the track and barely made it one mile! It felt as though I had never run before! My legs were sore, I couldn't control my breathing and I knew I was not going to make it. I finished one mile and I walked one more mile and then I threw in the towel and quit! I was so mad at myself! I could not understand how two days before I was able to run seven miles non stop and this day I couldn't even get out one! Wednesday I was supposed to run 4 miles... I didn't. Thursday I was supposed to run three... I didn't. Friday was a rest day... No problem there, I had made a rest day out of the entire week!

Saturday's are typically my long days but I had plans this past Saturday mid morning through the rest of the day and early morning was too cold so I moved my long run to Sunday! It was harder than the last long run but I still knocked it out! 8 miles!!

running plan

I am so proud of myself for getting back out there after such a lousy week of making excuses!

I have completed week 5 of my training plan! I will skip week six and move straight into week seven!

Eight Miles CHECK!! Here's to hoping for a better week this week!

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