Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Training Week 2 Complete!!

I am well on my way!! I started training for my very first half marathon on February 1st! I am so happy with myself for getting this far! Having never been a runner, running my first mile in April 2013 so this is HUGE for me!

If I keep it up through the end of the month I plan to actually register!!! O.M.G.! I seriously can not believe I am doing this! 

I am excited and nervous but also feeling very proud of myself for setting a new goal. 

I initially began running to get in shape and loose some weight leading up to my wedding. With running and a few changes in my eating habits I lost 29 lbs! I honestly didn't realize I had 29 lbs. to loose but I lost it and I felt AMAZING!

running to be healthy

It was actually pretty easy to stay motivated leading up to the wedding and honeymoon but we came back to all the overeating of the holidays and colder weather. My motivation was lacking and I could tell it in my clothes :(

I knew what I needed to do but I just wasn't finding my mojo! Then out of the blue a friend jokingly sent me the text suggesting a half, it was really a joke... like "as if ha ha", I instantly chuckled and then almost did a double take... Maybe I could do that... A week or so later I mentioned it to another friend who said "You could definitely do that" and another who suggested the Hal Higdon training plan. I did a little reading and research on the training and thought, why not give it a try!

I still am not 100% sure I will make it but I am still at it! Giving it my all!!


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