Thursday, February 26, 2015

Six Miles Completed!!!

Six miles!!! I'm getting closer and closer to Eminem at 8 Mile right... Ha! (Side note Eminem is my go to hard run musical artist of choice!!! In case you didn't already know that.) 

I can not tell you how happy I was that the temperature got out of the single digits on Saturday!! I mentioned earlier this week that running on the treadmill was a real issue for me. I have noted before that I am a creature of habit! Even my shoelaces must be tied in the exact same way each run so switching my surface was a big upset to my system. 

So as with this learn as we go blog, I am learning as I run... When adding distance I must research my routes! I took off on Saturday along side the river, setting out for a six mile run! So excited to be outside, so enchanted by the snow covered ground and feeling gratitude for the community for scraping this paved trail so that crazy people like me can get out there and enjoy the chilled fresh air! There actually were a few walkers out Saturday morning. 


I went in the same direction I have been running, fully expecting to get to three miles in one direction and then turn around for my return run for a total of six miles. NOT! I got out about 2.75 miles and then ran around in a few circles trying to get to the 3 and finished with a lap through the parking lot! Whew!! 




Now I know... For this weekends run I have a plan! I will start somewhere further out along the trail to accomplish my miles without running in crazy circles!! I am sort of glad no other runners were out to see that ha!

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