Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I think I can, I think I can... Train for a half marathon...

Well I have just stepped WAY outside my comfort zone...

Comfort Zone

I have been feeling like I needed a race on the schedule to help keep me on track with my weekly running regimen. Ideally I run three miles at least four days a week. Some weeks I get that, some weeks I run more than four days, some weeks less and some weeks I don't run at all! I can not, however, muster up the will power to sign up for another 5K or a 10K for some reason. So.... Why not just bite the bullet and sign up for a half marathon!!!! I think I will!! I might be crazy... The furthest distance I have gone is 6 miles and that was tough, how in the world am I going to go 13.1???

I have decided to start a training program. The training plan is a 12 week training plan, the half I think I will sign up for is on April 12th which is only 10 weeks away! Yikes!

I selected the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Program to follow and since my time is a bit limited for the plan I will skip Race Weeks 6 and 9 which should put me right on track. I am seriously nervous but I believe I can do it if I am dedicated to this training plan. 

Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted on how I feel on this plan each week. 

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