Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am a rule follower!

I am a rule follower... Almost to a fault... I believe it all started with a ruler as a matter of fact... 

No not that kind!

This kind of ruler!!!

How appropriate, although a bit traumatic lol! As a young school girl (in the days of corporal  punishment) my teacher would slap my hand with a ruler when I didn't follow the rules!!! I learned quickly (well eventually after a time or twelve times of misbehaving) that not following the rules had consequences which I preferred not to experience. 

As you know I am training for a half marathon. My training plan says I must run Tuesdays Wednesday and Thursdays in addition to a long run on Saturdays. Saturdays are really no big deal because I can run mid day when it's warmer but ordinarily I run weekdays at 5:00 am... Unless it's too cold in which case I run at 5:30 pm after work. (I work 8-5 M-F)... Unless there is ICE ON THE GROUND!!!! Ugggg.... Winter stormageddon 2015 promised fluffy snow and instead pummeled us with ice and temperatures below freezing all last week and it's snowing again this week!!!! I'm going stir crazy!

NC Mountains

Considering the rule follower that I am since my plan says run, last week I ran... Inside... On a treadmill... I officially detest the treadmill!!! Lucky for me my in-laws live next door and my mother-in-law has let me use her treadmill on those icy days! This is a first for me I have never ran on a treadmill before (I obviously haven't trained before). So far my experience has been rough! I run slower (I think I am afraid of falling off), I am bored out of my mind and my lower back and knees feel a bit bothered. I have only done 3 mile runs on the treadmill, I can not imagine running longer distances on it! It's hard. I wanted to stop. I feel discouraged. 


I know though that staying on schedule and on track with my training is my only chance of getting ready for a half marathon but I do not like this!! Unfortunately we do not have an indoor track so my options are icy roads or the treadmill (I did get outside on Saturday thank goodness). I plan to do a little research to find out what other people do to stay sane and comfortable on a treadmill, if I learn any good secrets I will report back ASAP!!! 

If you have any recommendations please, please, please share them with me!!!! For the love of running, I need help on learning to love the treadmill!!!

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