Friday, February 27, 2015

High Five for Friday!!!


It has been a while since I have done a High Five for Friday! This week has been a great week! Things are starting to seem normal again!

1. I am wrapping up Week 4 of my half marathon training... Yesterday I took a snow day...

2. The girls got a BIG surprise this week!!! They are so excited! They can't wait to get out and play!

Country Girls

3. We enjoyed a beautiful visit to Biltmore! I loved touring the house and the property, all the ponds and rivers were icy!


4. Although the winter weather is seriously annoying it is very beautiful!

Icy River

Frozen Pond


5. Madie made brownies! Enough Said!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Six Miles Completed!!!

Six miles!!! I'm getting closer and closer to Eminem at 8 Mile right... Ha! (Side note Eminem is my go to hard run musical artist of choice!!! In case you didn't already know that.) 

I can not tell you how happy I was that the temperature got out of the single digits on Saturday!! I mentioned earlier this week that running on the treadmill was a real issue for me. I have noted before that I am a creature of habit! Even my shoelaces must be tied in the exact same way each run so switching my surface was a big upset to my system. 

So as with this learn as we go blog, I am learning as I run... When adding distance I must research my routes! I took off on Saturday along side the river, setting out for a six mile run! So excited to be outside, so enchanted by the snow covered ground and feeling gratitude for the community for scraping this paved trail so that crazy people like me can get out there and enjoy the chilled fresh air! There actually were a few walkers out Saturday morning. 


I went in the same direction I have been running, fully expecting to get to three miles in one direction and then turn around for my return run for a total of six miles. NOT! I got out about 2.75 miles and then ran around in a few circles trying to get to the 3 and finished with a lap through the parking lot! Whew!! 




Now I know... For this weekends run I have a plan! I will start somewhere further out along the trail to accomplish my miles without running in crazy circles!! I am sort of glad no other runners were out to see that ha!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am a rule follower!

I am a rule follower... Almost to a fault... I believe it all started with a ruler as a matter of fact... 

No not that kind!

This kind of ruler!!!

How appropriate, although a bit traumatic lol! As a young school girl (in the days of corporal  punishment) my teacher would slap my hand with a ruler when I didn't follow the rules!!! I learned quickly (well eventually after a time or twelve times of misbehaving) that not following the rules had consequences which I preferred not to experience. 

As you know I am training for a half marathon. My training plan says I must run Tuesdays Wednesday and Thursdays in addition to a long run on Saturdays. Saturdays are really no big deal because I can run mid day when it's warmer but ordinarily I run weekdays at 5:00 am... Unless it's too cold in which case I run at 5:30 pm after work. (I work 8-5 M-F)... Unless there is ICE ON THE GROUND!!!! Ugggg.... Winter stormageddon 2015 promised fluffy snow and instead pummeled us with ice and temperatures below freezing all last week and it's snowing again this week!!!! I'm going stir crazy!

NC Mountains

Considering the rule follower that I am since my plan says run, last week I ran... Inside... On a treadmill... I officially detest the treadmill!!! Lucky for me my in-laws live next door and my mother-in-law has let me use her treadmill on those icy days! This is a first for me I have never ran on a treadmill before (I obviously haven't trained before). So far my experience has been rough! I run slower (I think I am afraid of falling off), I am bored out of my mind and my lower back and knees feel a bit bothered. I have only done 3 mile runs on the treadmill, I can not imagine running longer distances on it! It's hard. I wanted to stop. I feel discouraged. 


I know though that staying on schedule and on track with my training is my only chance of getting ready for a half marathon but I do not like this!! Unfortunately we do not have an indoor track so my options are icy roads or the treadmill (I did get outside on Saturday thank goodness). I plan to do a little research to find out what other people do to stay sane and comfortable on a treadmill, if I learn any good secrets I will report back ASAP!!! 

If you have any recommendations please, please, please share them with me!!!! For the love of running, I need help on learning to love the treadmill!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Training Week 2 Complete!!

I am well on my way!! I started training for my very first half marathon on February 1st! I am so happy with myself for getting this far! Having never been a runner, running my first mile in April 2013 so this is HUGE for me!

If I keep it up through the end of the month I plan to actually register!!! O.M.G.! I seriously can not believe I am doing this! 

I am excited and nervous but also feeling very proud of myself for setting a new goal. 

I initially began running to get in shape and loose some weight leading up to my wedding. With running and a few changes in my eating habits I lost 29 lbs! I honestly didn't realize I had 29 lbs. to loose but I lost it and I felt AMAZING!

running to be healthy

It was actually pretty easy to stay motivated leading up to the wedding and honeymoon but we came back to all the overeating of the holidays and colder weather. My motivation was lacking and I could tell it in my clothes :(

I knew what I needed to do but I just wasn't finding my mojo! Then out of the blue a friend jokingly sent me the text suggesting a half, it was really a joke... like "as if ha ha", I instantly chuckled and then almost did a double take... Maybe I could do that... A week or so later I mentioned it to another friend who said "You could definitely do that" and another who suggested the Hal Higdon training plan. I did a little reading and research on the training and thought, why not give it a try!

I still am not 100% sure I will make it but I am still at it! Giving it my all!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Local Down Town Hot Spots

After getting engaged we scheduled our engagement photo shoot in Downtown Asheville with a few later in Downtown Morganton. 

Asheville is full of life and such a cool town. Asheville is a very charming town with lots to see and do! Downtown Asheville is the perfect place for a date night on the town and hosts plenty of spots for the outdoor enthusiast! 

We are so happy with our engagement photos!!!! They couldn't be more perfect! We had two photographers to follow us around through the heart of Asheville! Beth Patton of Sweet Pea Studio and Sara of Soulshine Photography!! 

We later met up in downtown Morganton for a few more photos!! 

Morganton is a blossoming area peppered with great local shops, restaurants and also offers a wide range of fun outdoor activities!

Take a walk through down town Morganton and wind up at Wisteria for a fabulous lunch or dinner. Bring or rent a kayak or canoe and take a trip down our favorite section on the Catawba River and end up at Judges Riverside Restaurant for an afternoon snack followed by a walk along the Greenway following the river! Morganton has been highlighted as Natures Play Ground!

We are so lucky to have such incredible artists in our area including our amazing photographers from Soulshine Photography and Sweet Pea Studio! If you ever make it to the foothills you should look these ladies up and schedule an outdoor photoshoot!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Story of Us

Trying to catch you up from the last couple of months that we were MIA with everything happening in our world.

I really want to share the story of our wedding!!!

The story starts with our first cup of coffee...James was living about an hour away, we went to high school together and had reconnected in July 2009. We decided to meet up for coffee on August 8th, 2009... And here we are today... Happily ever after!

A little over three years later on Sunday, December 2, 2012 he proposed.

Rough Ridge Trail

He had been asking me for quite some time what all we had going on for the upcoming weekends. I like to have plans on the weekends. I am not much of a do nothing on the weekend’s kind of girl and things were getting busy through November and December with the holidays. The Saturday after Thanksgiving we had gone up to the mountains to pick out and cut down our Christmas Tree and on the way home we stopped at Moses Cone Manor. While there we picked up a new hiking and trails book. We had spent the summer before camping and hiking along the parkway. He suggested that we go for a hike on a trail close to where we had been camping most of the summer the following weekend. We had originally planned to go, with the girls, on Saturday the 1st but things came up and we moved our plans to Sunday the 2nd. Sunday morning we got up and headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway to find the Rough Ridge Trail. The girls, James and I hiked up to this beautiful, most breathtaking spot. I took a few pictures and then asked my youngest daughter to take of few of the two of us. She snapped several and handed me back the camera. Perfect I thought…

Rough Ridge Trail

Rough Ridge Trail

Rough Ridge Trail

He then said "Let’s take a couple more". At first I was thinking well that's kind of weird, he wants to take more pictures? He's usually more like "enough pictures already" but then I thought "Yay!!! More Pictures!!!" ;) I joined him back on the edge of the rock and my daughter started snapping away. Within a few moments he took hold of my hand and went down on one knee... I honestly still had no idea what was happening and for just a brief second I thought oh we must be sitting to take a picture then he said "Will you marry me?" I was completely surprised. I said "Yes of course!!!" It was the perfect proposal!

Rough Ridge Trail

Rough Ridge Trail

The girls also had no idea and were equally surprised! I am so fortunate to have this picture of the very moment! Thankfully my youngest daughter thought to snap just one more!!

I love this man more than words can say! We are so happy and so in love! We set our date soon thereafter for October 4, 2014.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I think I can, I think I can... Train for a half marathon...

Well I have just stepped WAY outside my comfort zone...

Comfort Zone

I have been feeling like I needed a race on the schedule to help keep me on track with my weekly running regimen. Ideally I run three miles at least four days a week. Some weeks I get that, some weeks I run more than four days, some weeks less and some weeks I don't run at all! I can not, however, muster up the will power to sign up for another 5K or a 10K for some reason. So.... Why not just bite the bullet and sign up for a half marathon!!!! I think I will!! I might be crazy... The furthest distance I have gone is 6 miles and that was tough, how in the world am I going to go 13.1???

I have decided to start a training program. The training plan is a 12 week training plan, the half I think I will sign up for is on April 12th which is only 10 weeks away! Yikes!

I selected the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Program to follow and since my time is a bit limited for the plan I will skip Race Weeks 6 and 9 which should put me right on track. I am seriously nervous but I believe I can do it if I am dedicated to this training plan. 

Wish me luck!! I will keep you posted on how I feel on this plan each week. 

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