Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Honeymoon in Aruba, the Happy Island

James and I were married on October 4, 2014. Following our perfect wedding and amazing reception we immediately departed for our honeymoon!

On Sunday October 5, 2014 we flew a direct flight to Aruba for an eight day, seven night, stay at Bucuti and Tara Resort!

We stayed in Tara Suites which was amazing!!! The room was very luxurious and spacious! We had the most amazing view from our bed!! While in Aruba we toured the entire island and we will never stay anywhere else! Bucuti and Tara Resort is located in an area that is much more open and private. The resort is an adult only resort which made it especially relaxing and peaceful. We were treated like royalty as their guest.

We enjoyed spending most of our time relaxing on the wide expanse of white sandy beaches gazing at the turquoise Caribbean Sea. It was almost unbelievable how quiet and beautiful it was on the beach.

We also did quite a bit of exploring! We enjoyed a Jeep Ride through the country with De Palm Tours (whom we highly recommend). James and I spent one morning snorkeling in the Natural Pool and we enjoyed the afternoon at the Natural Bridge (Momma Bridge collapsed some years ago but “Son of a Bridge” still stands!). While in Aruba we also visited the Casibari Rock Formations, Gold Mine Ruins, the California Light House and the Alto Vista Chapel. We took a sunset catamaran ride and snorkel trip to Boco Catalina or Catalina Bay and the Antilla Shipwreck site and were just in awe! I had never snorkeled before, it was absolutely amazing! The water is so clear and the sea life is so colorful! There is so much to do in Aruba and so many beautiful areas to explore. Prepare to have your breath taken throughout the entire trip!

We dinned out each evening and tried out many different restaurants. We wanted to experience the island! Our favorite spots were Elements, located right at Bucuti and Tara, where we experienced a private dinner on the beach in a private Palapa and La Trattoria El Faro Blanco located by the California Light House which has delicious cuisine and is the place to be at Sunset!

We initially chose Aruba because it is outside of the hurricane belt and we were married during hurricane season and because it was a short 4 hour flight from Charlotte, NC. Next time we will choose Aruba because it is the most beautiful island in the world and there is no place we’d rather go! We are so happy we chose Aruba for our honeymoon destination! We never want to go anywhere else after our wonderful experience! We truly enjoyed our time together in this beautiful place, our first trip as husband and wife! We can only wish for all other newlyweds that your honeymoon experience will be as wonderful as ours was! Choose Aruba, the happy island!! Best wishes!

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