Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A pre-wedding paddle

The Saturday before the wedding we took a trip down the river, our first trip of the season (at the tail end of the season). My "sister" was in from Germany for our wedding and we wanted to take her on one of our favorite trips. 

We put our kayaks in the upper Johns River behind a little church in Collettsville, NC and enjoyed a beautiful float down the river to Low Water Bridge on Playmore Beach Road. We spent about three hours mostly floating down the river. We stopped at a picnic area on the way down the river and enjoyed a picnic lunch.

This section of the John's River is so beautiful. So many mature trees line the river bank slightly angled overhanging the river creating this beautiful canopy for us to paddle beneath!

This little butterfly took a brief rest on my Kayak.

Tess decided to try a little SUP :)

There are only a few, small, rapids on this section of the river but beware the river becomes swift in spots and it's easy to find your self literally up the river without a paddle.

Can you spot the Blue Heron? I absolutely love seeing these! Almost every time we are on the river we will spot at least one. They seem curious as to what we are and what we are doing. They will typically fly ahead of us and wait to watch us float down.

I always feel recharged after a trip down the river. This section of river is one of my favorites. It is absolutely beautiful and so peaceful! We love it <3 

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  1. What a wonderful meandering river for a trip, I can see why it is your favorite and such a beautiful butterfly, I think to signify that it is a good day! Thanks for linking up on Oh My Heartsie Girl!!
    Hope the wedding is wonderful!!!


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