Thursday, February 20, 2014

Things are looking up!!

The problem is I am not exactly off to a good start! I am blaming it mostly on the weather... I mean it has been cold and snowy! (Although in part I know the weather is a bit of a scapegoat... I could run in snow couldn't I? Certainly I could bundle up and run in the cold...)
Snowy Steps

I actually also have struggled getting up at my regular 4:30 alarm since Christmas! I think through the holidays I just got off course and I have struggled a little getting back on! Does this say slide to stop alarm or slide to brew the coffee?? Ha! It's so easy to slide to snooze and stay in my warm snugly bed just a little longer...

Snooze Alarm

So far this year I am only at 12 days of running and a total of 32 miles... I need to step it up!
Things are however getting better! I decided this week whether I feel like running or not I am getting up and having coffee. If I choose to sit around for a hour or so before getting ready for my day so be it! I had a sneaking suspicion however that I'd be bored just sitting and probably head on out the door for a run. DING DING DING DING we have a winner folks!! I know myself so well! There actually is no point just being awake and sitting there and indeed I have hit the road!
Wake Up Call
In addition it is looking like the weather will no longer be able to be an excuse for not running! It's warming up!! I think mid 40 temps are perfect!! 

I am happy to be getting back into my routine and encourage you, if you are struggling like me, to make a small step in the right direction, some small shift in what you are doing now, there is potential for even the slightest change to have great effect!
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