Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cutest Running Partner Ever!

Saturday morning I decided to head out for a run on our local greenway. It's a wonderful paved trail that runs along side a beautiful river (that we love to kayak in warmer weather). Water really recharges my soul, I love the beach, the lake, rivers, creeks, etc. so running alongside the river is wonderful way for me to get my fix! 

When I lace up my shoes my dogs go crazy!! They think it is time to go for a walk and they love any chance to be outside! My dogs are beagles so I do have to keep them on a leash when outside, if they get off the leash they are gone! Slaves to their noses! We live in town so they do not have wide open spaces to run. Snickers has some issues with her hips and she really has slowed down a bit but Cocoa was begging to go with me. 

I grabbed her gentle leader and off we went! She was sooooooooo excited!! I wasn't quite sure how she would do though. Remember I only started running this past year so I haven't taken her running before. I had planned an easy three miles but was willing to do less for her if she needed to. I mean look at that face, I'd do just about anything she wanted to do lol!


She did amazing! We ran out 1.5 miles and took a quick break for her to sniff around and get a drink from the river then turned and ran the 1.5 miles back to the car! 


She is the cutest running partner ever!! I was pretty proud of her! 


She was ready to get in the car though, lay down and go home ha!

When we got home I had a little trouble getting her in the house, oh my... This is after about 5 minutes of rolling around... She cracks me up!


We will see if she decides to go again with me or not. She could totally rock a doggie 5K... Although a doggie 5K sounds a bit like total chaos lol! I hope she does go with me again, she was fun to run with! 

I would love some tips on running with dogs, feel free to share below in the comments!
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