Thursday, January 2, 2014

This Weekend's VIP - KT Tape

I am in love with my KT Tape!

As you know I have been doing some running. I occasionally get very tight along my shin on my right leg which is accompanied by a dull annoying pain. When I stretch and roll the way I know I should I don't have this problem. I have lately been a bit of slacker when it comes to stretching and rolling and I am paying for it. 

We received a roll of KT Tape Pro to try out and I finally did when my pain and tightness re-surfaced this time. It is AWESOME!!! I really can not explain how it works but it works! KT Tape is a sports tape that provides pain relief and support. You can pick this up at just about any sporting goods store or order on line. 

I did not have a specific pin point spot of pain but rather a tightness and dull pain along the entire front of my leg. I applied the tape at 50% stretch and 0% stretch at the ends. I actually applied it before heading out to a ball game one evening.

I Immediately I felt a cool soothing and throughout the evening I absolutely noticed the pain dulling.

The website for KT Tape has some excellent instructional videos for applications on nearly any area you may be experiencing issues.

I wore my application for three days. It was comfortable, stayed on in the shower and provided just the amount of relief I needed. In addition to wearing the tape I stretched and rolled. I wore it under my jeans, under my dress pants at work and I under my running pants and had no issues of it peeling up at all. I did continue running while wearing the KT tape since the pain had subsided. The KT tape was still very adhered when I decided to remove it (kinda was like ripping of a band-aid but no pain no gain right, ha). I probably could have left it on a few days longer but I no longer felt the need. 

I absolutely love this product! It provided the perfect relief for the leg pain I occasionally experience and I look forward to using it as needed should other issues arise. 

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  1. Strolling through your bloglovin feed and this post caught my eye! Really cool! I didn't know this stuff existed and I will definitely have to try it out as I get the same pain! Thanks for sharing! and thanks for linking up today on the Mom-Lovin Hop! Hope to see you again :)


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