Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five for Friday

1. Can one of my highs for the week simply be that today is Friday??? Why yes it can!! Today is Friday!!!

2. One of my very dear friends, Beth, started a new adventure! Sweet Pea Studio!! Come check her out and give her some facebook love!! She has crazy talent!! For all my blogger friends this girl can create a custom (AWESOME) logo for you!!

3. We had our first snow this week! Yippee!!

4. I am completely obsessed with my Scentsy Owl, Mochadoodle is so yummy!!

5. These past two weeks we have started to make a real impact on the work to be done on the house! Look what we found when moved some things around in the basement!! So much wonderful family history in this house and we are looking forward to adding more wonderful family memories to these four walls for years and years to come!

Wishing you much fun this weekend!

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