Thursday, January 30, 2014

A special tribute to a dear friend

I realize we have been a little quieter than normal these past few weeks. While the bitter cold is keeping us in we have also been dealing with the unexpected loss of our sweet Elizabeth on January 4th.

It has been very difficult to get through this heartbreak.

She brought so much wonder to our world and we miss her so much. I can't think of her yet without crying. She was the sweetest most quirky cat you would ever meet. The vet once told me living with a calico cat is like living with a red headed woman! She certainly had sass! No doubt about that!

She loved some faux fur lol!

Every moment of my day when home was tangled up with her moments.

She loved to sneak in my room any chance she got and quickly lay on the bed looking at me as if to say "what, I have been here for hours, please don't move me, I am so so comfortable".

I absolutely was not allowed to go in the bathroom alone, she was worse than my girls when they were small! I am certain she was either fascinated with both the toilet and shower or she was just making sure I was safe and there to save me in the event I needed her. Ha! 

Elizabeth was a self promoted "Supervisor".

Such a snuggler.

And always knew just what to do to make us feel better when we were sick.

She liked to make special meal time requests, she just could not possible eat food from a bowl that was only half full, her bowl must be filled to the brim.

Packing for a trip? Oh I don't think so! She was never too happy when we went anywhere!

She was just so much fun to be around, she loved boxes and bags as most cats do but this would go on for hours and hours!

Such imagination, this girl loved pretending she was a doll that lived in the doll house too!

She was excellent help with homework as well!

Elizabeth was an indoor/outdoor kitty. She loved being outside as much as she loved being in. She was a free spirit and she decided when and where she wanted to be!

This chair..

That chair...

She loved chasing the smaller animals, birds, squirrels, moles, and yes she was a gift giver, if you know what I mean... (she liked to show us her catch... Yuck!)

It was impossible to go for a run from my house without making sure she was inside! She would run after me  otherwise lol!

She was more like a dog sometimes than a cat! She followed us everywhere if we were outside. She loved going with us to the neighbors house and always made her self right at home.

She kept a pretty tight leash on us! Wherever we were she wanted to be!

Elizabeth loved the changes in the seasons! 

Winter meant snuggling on the couch after watching the hustle and bustle outside.

Spring brought an abundance of  birds to watch and chase!

Summer time meant sunshine!!

And fall meant playing in the leaves!!

I am told she knew the sound of my car. On the warmer days when I would go to work she would head out too to do her work... (laying in the sunshine and catching something for sure). People have been at my house in the drive waiting on me to get home and as soon as I would turn the corner to come down the street Elizabeth would rush home and be there to greet me. I couldn't even get out of the car before she was jumping in and onto my lap! (Lap dog ha!)

Man I am going to miss her. The unconditional love of a dear pet is so wonderful. Her love was more than I have ever know from any other animal I have ever had.

Elizabeth had lived with us for eight years. One spring day eight years ago, I had just moved into my house, we were working in the yard and this beautiful cat came over and laid down on the step beside my driveway. She was the most beautiful cat with the prettiest colors I had ever seen. She wore a name tag on her collar "Elizabeth." She coaxed me to pet her and play with her and I immediately fell in love!

A while later she scampered off and my heart sank. I needed to know more about her and where she had come from. The neighborhood boy was out playing with the girls in our Fig Tree and I asked him who Elizabeth was. He replied that she was his aunts cat. I said (without a second thought) "Oh, ok, well, if she ever needs to find her a home you let me know!". His response... "Today is your lucky day!! She is getting ready to take her to the animal shelter because she is moving and can no longer keep her."

Fate... I'm telling ya!

I went and gathered all her things and brought her back across the street and in to my house where she loved  us and we loved her for the next eight years.

This has been the worst kind of heartbreak we have felt in a long long time, possibly ever so far in our lives.

The worst part is that I am not quite sure what happened. She had gone outside and then a few hours later we found her... Laying in the same exact spot where she first found me. It's so hard to understand.

We are fortunate that we have not had to deal with very many tragic losses in our lives so far, I can not begin to imagine the loss that I know so many of you may have experienced.

A dear friend of mine posted a sweet poem on my facebook about the loss of a cherished pet "Rainbow Bridge". Have you heard this before?

It is so sweet and I sure do hope that my girl is waiting on me! The only thing though that makes me a bit worried for her is that she really didn't like other animals so I am sure she is not to happy about being surrounded by all the other animals wanting to play with her! 

(She would have pummeled the little cat if she knew they were sharing this chair...)

I bet she is getting into trouble for whacking them in the snout when they approach her! Poor girl! Hopefully she has found a quiet corner full of sunshine and birds that she can enjoy until we meet again.

Be thinking about us, this is hard and we really want her back. I think we may never get over loosing her and we certainly will never stop missing her but hopefully with time we can laugh and smile at her memory with the hope of one day seeing her again.

Rest in perfect peace sweet beautiful girl!

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