Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Race #3 - COMPLETED!!!

It really is amazing the things you can do when you really put your mind to it! This year I have reminded myself of this quite often! I ran my first mile without stopping in April and ran my very first 5K on October 5th, my second 5K on October 26th and now my third 5K on December 7th! I can hardly believe it!

It really has been amazing however this third race was a challenge for me. The race was a night race, it was a difficult course and I was very anxious the week or so leading up to the race! I was feeling competitive, wanting to beat myself, beat my last time, and I was afraid I wouldn't. I have been very public with my running, posting my times on social media for all my friends to see and after getting the amazing support from my friends and family I was also afraid I may disappoint them somehow by not doing as well as I knew I could. (It is a bit bold to be so public but I was so proud of how far I had come I wanted to share the goodness of it all with all those around me! I want to make runners out of everyone now!!)

I signed up for this race after joining a group called Run for God, that group, those people have been absolutely amazing! Without their support, encouragement and prayers I may have opted out of this race!

It sounds silly but I really did have performance anxiety until just before the race. An hour or so before I headed out the door to go and meet up with my group of friends I took a minute to pray. I asked God to calm me, remind me why it was I was doing this race (that it was not to out do someone else but rather to run my own race and "Run for God") and to help me get through it. As soon as I finished my small, silent prayer my youngest daughter said to me "Momma, I think I want to run with you". Oh my gosh you have no idea what this meant to me!! I know without doubt this was my prayer instantly answered!! I was suddenly calmed and remembered why I was running this race! 

My daughter ran the first race with me and inspired me to finish! I truly believe God responded to my prayer by sending her with me for this race providing the reminder and inspiration that I was looking for!!

We quickly got into our running gear and headed out the door! From that moment on I no longer felt any fear or anxiety, those feelings were replaced with happiness and excitement! It was wonderful! We had so much fun and ran our own race!

Believe it or not I finished in great time (for this killer route) and with each race my pace has improved. 

First 5K ~ 29:43 min, pace 9:39/M
Second 5K ~ 28:32 min, pace 9:11/M
Third 5K ~ 28:26 min, pace 9:09/M

I am so proud of how far I have come, I am so proud of my daughter for running with me! My oldest even said after that maybe she would run the next one! There is something about doing this as a family! You don't want to give up when you are all in it together! 

This has been a journey! I never intended to run a 5K when I first decided to go for a run. I really didn't even plan to run much at all, I showed up to give it a try. When I started this journey I was confidant I was not a runner, today I am confidant that I AM!!

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