Friday, December 13, 2013

High Five for Friday the 13th!!

Happy Happy Friday the 13th!!

Try not to walk under any ladders, step on any cracks, drop towels, break mirrors or get in the way of any black cats today! Ha!!

I am so glad it's Friday! It means the weekend is here!! Yay!!

Highlights for the past week:

1. I ran my third 5K on Saturday Night! It was awesome, hard, but awesome!

2. I have gotten in several great runs this week even with the cold cold temperatures and rain!

3. We are making serious progress on our home renovation project, new roof on, old gutters off, old fascia boards off, new fascia board on, soffits and fascia painting underway and new gutters coming in today! New windows are next! Exciting!! 

4. Almost all our Christmas shopping is complete! Now let the wrapping paper and ribbon madness begin! 

5. It is better to give then to receive. We are trying to find even small ways we can give this season. There are a slew of local charities and people in need and so we are making donations as we are able. It does feel good to give! I encourage you to give it a try!

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  1. {Visiting from Lauren's H54F} Congrats on the 5K and the home renovation progress!! Super cute wrapping with your kitty pic ;) Loving the scripture print :*) ... Happy weekend + Merry {almost} Christmas!!

  2. Home renovation project, new roof on, old gutters off, ran 5k – what a busy week for you, Deanne! It’s not easy to manage but it’s very rewarding, congratulations. I hope good things will continue to happen to you this year.

    Joann @


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