Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year to remember and a happy, healthy, prosperous new year to come!

As we wind down 2013 I have been thinking of all the great things this year has held for us. It has been a busy year and a very accomplished year! We are both fortunate to have great jobs that we love. We have had a very healthy year. The girls are good and very active in school and community. My oldest daughter turned 16 and has had a successful few months of driving. My youngest daughter, a freshman, made Varsity Cheer with her sister and has had an excellent first year of high school. Since getting engaged in December of 2012 we have set our date booked our venues for both the wedding and reception, hired our photographers, bought the dress and booked our honeymoon. We spent a tremendous amount of time in the great outdoors that we love so much. James rode in two mountain bike races this year and I completed three 5K's. We both have become more aware of the food we eat and the level of physical activity we ensue and thus have become healthier in 2013. We have also started our home renovations. 2013 has been busy, however it has been the kind of busy that is wonderful, and we couldn't be happier!

As always with the end of a year we do reflect on the things that we wish to leave in 2013 and develop plans and goals for 2014. On Sunday we went to church and they had us write down those things and take them up and leave them at the front of the church. It was pretty powerful, I did not expect it to feel the way it did. It literally felt like I had left those things, those small quiet things we all may struggle with from time to time at the foot of the cross and as I walked back to my seat I felt a weight had been lifted. I encourage you, no matter your faith or spirituality, to consider reflecting on those things that you wish to leave in 2013 and not carry over into 2014. Write them down and then let it go! Write it down and then throw it away, burn it, get rid of it however your choose. If anything it brings those things into your focus for a moment and encourages you to develop your goals for 2014, how you will leave those things in the past and start the new year anew.

Our goals for 2014 are to continue to do our best in our family and at work. We will continue to support the girls in school and community. We will work to become even healthier and active. We will finalize our wedding plans as we will be married this year.We will finish phase I renovations on our home and hopefully sell a home and possibly start on phase II. I hope we can get in a lot of outdoor adventure in 2014! I want to run an 8K or 10K this year and James will also likely compete again in a mountain bike race or two. 

We are hopeful for another happy, healthy and prosperous new year and we wish you perfect health, happiness beyond measure and lasting prosperity 2014!!

Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

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