Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Toms Creek Falls

The weather is turning chilly which means our outdoor adventures will go into hibernation for a little while pretty soon. We are trying to squeeze in all the day hikes we can until then. We also are getting ready to begin house renovations which are projected to tie up our weekends this winter.... We decided to wait to do our remodeling until the winter since we wouldn't be on the go quite as much and we figured it would be best to stay busy during the colder months so we don't go stir crazy or get cabin fever!

We went this past weekend to Toms Creek Falls. I am not sure I'd even call this a hike, it was a short .8 mile easy walk through the woods. It was a beautiful fall day!

The trail is easy to see and is fairly flat, following the stream along the way. In the sunlight the trail glistens with mica that was mined from these mountains.

Once at the end there is this beautiful 60 foot waterfall to behold! 

You can easily get to the base of the waterfall and in the warmer months even enjoy the pools beneath it.

Cross the creek at the bottom of the water fall and round the corner and you will find an old Mica Mine. This, to me, was the best part of the trip! Simply fascinating!

The mine is now filled with water so you will want to be careful not to slip in. Also beware of falling rock.

You will see quite a bit of mica on this trail both on the rocks and on the ground.

There is also and old watermill foundation that remains. This watermill was likely used to provide power for the miners as they worked in this cave. There are even a few scattered primitive camp sites along the route.

We are so happy we found Toms Creek Falls nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains! If you haven't been you should plan a trip!

Toms Creek Falls is located 7 miles north of Marion, North Carolina, just off of US 221. From the intersection of US 70 and US 221 North in Marion, NC, drive about 5 1/2 miles North on US 221. Turn left on Huskins Branch Road, just before the old Woodlawn Motel. Go approximately 1.5 miles and you will see a small gravel parking area on the right just before a small bridge. The trail begins to the right of this parking area. When the trail forks, follow the left fork along creek.

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  1. This is beautiful, I didn't even know that the mined mica.


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