Monday, November 11, 2013

This Weekend's VIP ~ US Veterans, thank you for your service and your sacrifice!

Today we pay homage to the United States Military Veterans. Those who have served our country and those who are currently serving our country. I have a very dear friend who is currently deployed and I am so, so honored to be her friend. She has so selflessly offered her self to the service of our great nation and she has made great sacrifices to do so. Her teenage daughter and son anxiously await her return. While I think about her sacrifice and the sacrifice of all those who serve I also am so thankful to the families who give up their loved ones to the service for our nation.  

Take some time today to thank a service man or woman for the great they have done for our country and take time to thank a military family as well!

To all of the military men and women that serve and protect our nation and to all the families that have sacrificed as well, thank you!

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