Monday, October 14, 2013

This Weekend's VIP ~ Spyders

Ok so spiders are out in abundance and are super busy this fall. They are busy making their webs, storing up food and laying eggs that will weather the winter and become the next generation of spiders in the new year.

Seems only fitting that this weekend's VIP(s) were our Spyders... 

Spyder sweaters!

I have the Navy Major Cable Core Sweater and it is super cute and keeps me warm!! I wear mine as a jacket from Fall to Spring and I love it!! Because it is cute I can wear it to almost any function and because it is so warm I take it with me on camping trips!

I saw it at Dicks Sporting Goods and fell instantly in love. James later bought it and surprised me with it. He's so good to me! He then bought himself one and bought both girls one. He is so good to all of us!! We pulled them out of the coat closet this past weekend as the cool fall air seeped in. They now will be a staple of our wardrobe for the rest of the season. 

James has the Foremost Full Zip and he also wears it all the time! (I had so much fun looking for pics of us wearing these! These pics are from last year, I am sure you will see more as the season progresses this year as well!)

The girls each have the Spyder Endure Full Zip and love them as well!

The sweaters are warm but breathable, they are stylish yet durable and will keep us warm all fall, winter, and early spring! They are an essential for us this season!

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  1. I've seen that pink sweater in the store, and was highly attracted to it. However, when it comes to live spiders...I don't like them at all!


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