Monday, October 28, 2013

This Weekend's VIP ~ Nemo Losi

We love our Nemo tents. We have two of them at present!

We started out our Camping adventures using Ozark Trial tents. These are great inexpensive tents for your every now and then camping trip! I have had three Ozark Trail tents (and still have them), they have been great little tents and we will keep them and use them when we have large groups camping or when someone wants to go with us camping but needs a tent to use! 


As we began camping more we realized the need for more performance from a tent. Ozark Trail tents were getting us wet when it rained. James bought me the Marmot Limestone 6P tent for my birthday one year. We used this tent mostly when the girls where younger. It was a great tent, it was huge and fit all of us, this tent kept us warm and dry! As the girls got older, however, they started using their own tent and the Limestone quickly became obsolete. It was also heavy and we quickly were branching out and getting into backpacking. For backpacking we knew we needed a much lighter weight tent. The Marmont Limestone is fantastic for families who are primarily interested in car camping!

We then purchased the REI Passage 2P tent. This tent was the right size, packed small, was lighter than the Marmont but in the first heavy rain we encountered we had serious condensation on the inside of the tent. Not fun!

The next tent we purchased was the Nemo Losi 3P. Awesome tent!! We love this tent! It has served us so well. We bought the three person so in the event of rain we could pull our packs in with us and if the girls decided they wanted to go we could all fit! It has been the perfect tent for us. Spacious but not too big. We have been through all sorts of conditions, rain (down pours), heavy winds, etc. and this tent has been excellent!

We kept thinking of ways to shed pounds on our backpacking trips and while we loved our three person Nemo we started looking for a two person tent that we would love just as much. We tested out several different tents and James researched and researched tents (as he does with EVERYTHING). We decided on.... the Nemo Losi 2P... Yep the two person version of the tent we already had. Ha! We loved our Nemo Losi 3P so much and so we bought the 2P! We used it the first time this weekend and are so happy we made this choice!

Saturday night temperatures dropped to 26 degrees, we stayed warm and cozy all night! 

There are so many great features of this tent (similar to the 3P). The tent is designed to create taller walls which makes this tent feel so roomy! The total weight is about 5 pounds. The interior of the tent measures 32 square feet. There are pockets for organizing all your stuff with light pockets which are designed to soften the light of a head lamp or flashlight to create great interior lighting. This tent is so easy to set up. The pole system is specifically designed to be light weight and a quick set up! The tent packs into a roll that is perfect for backpacking and makes pack up so easy! 

We plan to keep the three person for the girls and their friends when they go with us camping and we plan to use the two person ourselves. We have the footprint and paw print for both tents, in our opinion these are must haves!

This tent, well both tents, are truly outstanding tents!! We are anxious to try out more and more Nemo products in the future!

The Nemo Losi is this weekend's VIP!

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