Monday, October 21, 2013

This Weekend's VIP ~ Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger products are a new favorite!! We received a little sample pack and have been enjoying trying everything out! 

I generally have a protein bar every afternoon as a mid afternoon snack. I prefer bars with 10 or more grams of protein. The Honey Stinger Caffeinated Dark Chocolate Mocha Cherry Protein Bars are AMAZING!! So tasty and pack 10 grams of protein! The caffeine gave a little boost of energy as well! Did I mention they are gluten free?

For a pure burst of energy the Blueberry Buzz Energy Bar is great! This bar was perfect for fueling an evening run! It tastes so good too!! 

James really liked the Organic Stinger Waffles. These are certified organic and are packed as a single serving so they can be enjoyed en route while biking or as a general snack.

My personal favorite are the Organic Energy Chews. If you read my post about running fuel you will know I just in general enjoy a small amount of something gummy before a run with my morning coffee. A half of the pack of these chews was the perfect amount for me before my 5 am runs. These are dairy free and gluten free and are made with 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey. The Cherry Cola Chews were delish! I plan to have these again on Saturday before my next race!

If you haven't tried out Honey Stinger products you should pick up a little something next time you are in line at your favorite sporting goods store! You can also order online. We can't wait to try out the Energy Gels! These products will become a regular in our house from now on! Enjoy!

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