Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Race Day Success!!!

On Saturday James and I both competed in our first races!! It was kind of crazy that they were both on the same day! I ran my very first 5K and James competed in a 33 mile Mountain Bike Race!

My race started at 8:45 and his at 9:00. I was a bit intimidated by the slew of people, I am used to running on the quiet streets in the morning. It's an entirely different experience running with a mass of people. I finished 5th in my division at 29:43!!! I was stoked!! I know I could have done better, I have been running 29:20 - 29:30 but there was a killer hill at the end and I was anticipating running out of steam. I was afraid if I went too hard at the start I might not make it up the hill on the way back. Now I know better so next time I will push myself just a bit harder!
The very best part of the race was that my 14 year old decided to run it with me and she rocked it!! She finished 2nd in her division!! So Proud!!

You go girl!!!

As soon as we finished the race we left and I headed up the mountain so I could be there to see James come across the finish! I am so impressed!!! This course was rough with steep vertical climbs and he didn't get off his bike once! He finished 4th!! Pretty awesome!!

I love this man!!


What a day!!

I'd say for this being our first racing experiences EVER that we did pretty great!! 

We are already looking for the next races!! I have another 5K scheduled the end of the month and one in December and now have been looking for one to do in November! James is researching upcoming bike races too! We are hooked!!


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