Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No fair weather friends here!

It's getting colder... I wake up at 4:30 am to hit to road running, literally, by 5 am... Did I mention it's getting colder...

Every morning I go out it's just a tad bit colder. I have starting thinking about the things I am going to need to have so that I can keep running through the colder months. I do not plan on stopping just because it is too cold! Running is not going to be my fair weather friend. 

So far I am loving the cooler mornings, I am totally rocking those runs!! I don't get as hot and sweaty and am able to go faster and farther. Now to remember how great it is on those really cold mornings... ;)

Here is my list of must haves for running in the upcoming months:

  1. Of course running shoes. Trial shoes may even work out better in bad weather, they offer more traction and are a bit more water resistant.
  2. Running tights. One layer on the bottom is generally sufficient, your legs will generate plenty of heat during a run.
  3. Wool Running Socks. Yep Wool! Smart Wool  and Darn Tough make wool running socks. They should keep your feet warm and dry!
  4. Compression Socks are not a bad idea either, they will add extra warmth if needed to your lower legs and help with circulation.
  5. Wear a wicking shirt as an upper base layer.
  6. Wear a warm insulating top layer. If you warm up during your run it is easy to shed when wearing layers.
  7. Thermal or Knit Cap to keep your head warm or an ear warming head band to keep your ears covered.
  8. A Buff!! This is the perfect neck gaiter, pull it up when you need to warm your face and reduce the chill of the air as you inhale. 
  9. Gloves!! Go with running gloves or thin wind resistant gloves. These will be more comfortable to wear and will keep this fingers from freeeeeezzzzzzing....
Can you recommend anything else I should add to my list? Feel free to leave comments!

As the winter approaches be on the look out for winter running safety tips! 

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  1. Visiting from the blog hop and now following along. I love running on cooler morning too. There is something so refreshing about it!


  2. I really wish I would run more! I think its something I wanna start doing more once baby is here!
    I have a giveaway going on, would love for you to check it out!

  3. You inspire me! I used to jog but these days I only walk but I love to walk in the mornings...yesterday it was super cold here and I wasn't prepared at all! Great listox
    Thanks so much for linking to Twirl and Take a Bow!

  4. Where's the music, I thought you were going to mention music. Not a runner, sorry find it boring, but I use to power walk, and music was a great way to pick up the pace. Thanks for sharing on Tuesdays With a Twist, please join us again tomorrow morning..


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