Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Have you been to Connemara?

Carl Sandburg was an American writer, editor, poet and three time Pulitzer Prize winner. 

The last 22 years of Carl's life he lived in Flat Rock, North Carolina. He purchased the Connemara property in part because it was the perfect property for Mrs. Sandburg to raise her award winning goats but also for the peacefulness and tranquility he found here which he sought for his writing.  

One visit to this beautiful home and you will immediately understand!

In 1967, after Carl's death, Mrs. Sandburg gifted the home and land to the government as a memorial to his life. The home is now a registered historical site and is part of the National Parks Service. 

Leaf Season, which is in full swing now, is a wonderful time to visit. (Although you will want to check in advance to ensure they are open, the government shut down has affected many of the parks and at the moment I am unable to link to the park on Christmas Season is also a fun time to go! The interior of the house is set in the 1950's much like how it was during Carl's time and life in this home. At Christmas it is also decorated in 1950's fashion!

The property is so beautiful,  you can tour the house, barns and goat stables. There are also numerous trails on the property which allow you to spend a little time in peaceful reflection!

If you are in the neighborhood you should definitely visit! 

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