Monday, September 16, 2013

This Weekend's VIP ~ Alite Monarch Chair

We finally went camping!!!!!!! It's been several weeks and we have been in withdrawals!! The weather is getting colder, the air just a bit more crisp and it's the perfect time to find a camp site and build a fire! This weekend we went "car camping" to one of our favorite sites and had a wonderful time! 

Our Weekend VIP has to be our Alite Monarch Chairs! We have four of these and LOVE them!! We started out with two of these for the two of us on our backpacking trips and then purchased two more so the girls each would have one too. We bought our first two at REI and bought the other two on The Clymb during a sale! 

The design of the chair is a similar concept to a tent design, the poles collapse in tent pole fashion, the seat or "sling" is made from rip stop nylon. The total weight is 21 ounces!! In addition to being super light weight they also pack up super small, 12" x 4.5", into a matching stuff sack making them the perfect size to fit into your pack!

Alite has other chair options (and other cool stuff too) but the Monarch is our favorite so far, the two legs allow you to sit back, relax, rock (I love to rock) and enjoy the trip. It's so comfortable that both James and I fell a sleep a time or two sitting fireside this weekend :)

Even though we initially purchased these for backpacking we take them when we car camp too! Being so easy to pack and super light weight they are easy to toss in the car! Some how when we go backpacking we manage to get everything we need into two packs but when car camping there isn't an inch of space left (even with seats down in the SUV Extended Cab (aka mini van)). I can not imagine trying to get all that car camping gear and four standard camp chairs too! (We also take them other places too like the REI Garage Sales... Gives us somewhere to sit while we wait for the doors to open and since they pack up small I can fit them into my purse while we shop around.)

These Monarch Chairs are hands down a worthy investment! We wouldn't camp without them!


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