Thursday, September 19, 2013

Loving the Buff!!

I was super excited to receive this Buff last week in the mail and was able to try it out over the weekend on our camping trip

My Buff is the Women's Slim Fit Messina and I LOVE it!!

The material is super light weight, breathable, moisture wicking and quick drying making this great for year round use! It will keep you warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months! This is a very versatile product!

I really wanted one of these primarily to keep my neck and nose warm during camping. When I get cold my neck tenses up and my nose turns into an ice cube. 

We fully expected temperatures to drop through the night this past weekend and it did get chilly!! I started out wearing the Buff as a neckerchief in the early evening, the transitioned to the neck gaitor just before sun down, then by late evening I was wearing the face mask! The Buff kept me so warm! 

I also slept in the Buff overnight, as a neckerchief, and loved how cozy it made me feel! I was tucked in my super warm sleeping bag with the Buff keeping my neck covered. I felt all tucked in all night long! 

There are so many ways you can wear the Buff, here are the ways to wear from their website:

In addition to taking my Buff on camping trips I am looking forward to seeing how well it will work on those cold morning runs. I feel certain the the face mask will come in handy when I am pushing through the frosty air of winter! 

Buff USA offers lots of different options in the way of material selections, style as well as other products that will also come in handy. You should check them out! I have seen these available for sale at some of the outdoor outfitter stores locally, at REI and you can also buy directly from Buff USA!

These are fairly inexpensive and would make great gifts!

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